Thursday, 19 September 2013

US Ignite is in search of gigabit explorers

Ed Note: From time to time, we invite guest bloggers to write about their work — and why they think faster Internet speeds are important — here on our Fiber blog. Today we’re joined by Joe Kochan, the COO of US Ignite, a nonprofit that’s been traveling the U.S. searching for developers who want to build new tools for a faster web. US Ignite is joining us at the Kansas City Fiber Space this November and they’re looking for a few talented developers to come along...

What would you do with a gigabit? That's the question that US Ignite has been working to answer since we launched — and we want you to help us come up with some answers. This November, our team will travel to Kansas City to work with local and national developers to build and test gigabit applications that are built for high speed networks like the Google Fiber.

Do you want to build an application that:

• Is incredibly and realistically responsive, with no latency or delay?
• Allows you to touch, move, and control things with your hands, your eyes or your body language?
• Enables real-time collaboration in a natural way?
• Provides immediate results from massive computational efforts with big data?
• Is not limited by bandwidth?

If so, we want you to join us in Kansas City on Friday, November 1 - Sunday, November 3 for our Gigabit Explorer Challenge. We’re accepting applications starting this week — just submit your ideas on our website to join the contest. Not only will you get to develop using Google Fiber, but you’ll also have access to technology advisors and onsite computing and storage resources. You just need to have a great idea and be willing to put in the time to develop it.

For more information about US Ignite and its mission, please visit our website or watch this 3-minute video summarizing our recent Applications Summit, where some gigabit applications were already demonstrated. Hope to see you at the Fiber Space!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bringing Fiber to Lenexa, Kan.

Earlier this evening, the Lenexa, Kan. City Council unanimously passed an agreement to bring Google Fiber to their residents. Lenexa is our 17th Kansas City-area expansion city (in addition to Kansas City, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo.)

View Kansas City Areas Eligible for Google Fiber in a larger map

We're excited to bring service to Lenexa, but we still need to plan and start building our network there before we can open sign-ups or share any information about customer installation. In the meantime, you can keep up with our progress right here on our blog, and you can sign up for email updates by entering your address on our website.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

News for Provo and Austin community orgs that want a free gig

As a kid, I loved my local library. I used to walk in those doors and pause, amazed that so many books and resources were available and free. That sense of appreciation has stuck with me over the years. Local libraries, schools, community centers and nonprofits are critical resource hubs that help keep neighborhoods strong — and that’s why we’re hooking up some of these community sites in Kansas City, Austin and Provo with Gigabit Internet connectivity.

These “Community Connections” sites have already been selected in Kansas City (Kan. and Mo.), where hundreds of nonprofits, schools and government buildings will get a free Gigabit Internet connection for a maximum of ten years. And, starting this week, interested sites in Austin and Provo can apply to receive a Community Connection — both local governments are currently taking applications and will ultimately choose who gets connected.

If you’re an Austin nonprofit or public organization, the Austin city government is accepting applications for potential local Community Connections now through September 30 (apply in the “Digital Inclusion” section of the website). If you’re a Provo nonprofit or public organization, you can learn more about your local Community Connections program in the “Current News” section of Provo's website. Today is the first day to submit applications and the deadline is October 10.

For more information about Community Connections — including technical info and FAQs about the gig hookup for site representatives — you can visit our brand new Community Connections website.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Fiber’s coming to Mission Hills and Fairway

We’re starting the week with a double dose of good news. Tonight, the City Councils in Mission Hills, Kan. and Fairway, Kan. just approved Google Fiber for their cities. We’ll start planning our network in these new cities ASAP and we’ll make another announcement once we’re ready to start customer signups. To stay up-to-date on Fiber and when it will be coming to your area, enter your address on our site, then sign up for email updates.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Autumn Deadlines Fast Approaching in KC

The color of the leaves won’t be the only thing changing in Kansas City this autumn. Forty-four more fiberhoods, across both Kansas and Missouri, will have the chance to experience instant downloads and crystal clear HDTV. If you live in one of the fiberhoods listed below, visit our website now to choose your plan.

Wyandotte Center - Thursday, October 3
Royal Gardens - Thursday, October 3
West Height - Thursday, October 3
Turner Diagonal - Thursday, October 3
Sumner - Thursday, October 3
Watchtower - Thursday, October 3
Coronado - Thursday, October 3
Banneker - Thursday, October 3
Frances Willard - Thursday, October 3
Eugene Ware - Thursday, October 3

N 55th - Thursday, October 10
Edison School - Thursday, October 10
Beacon Hills - Thursday, October 10
Emerson - Thursday, October 10
Linden Hills - Thursday, October 10
West Side North - Thursday, October 10
North Town Fork Crk - Thursday, October 10
Southmoreland North - Thursday, October 10
Westport - Thursday, October 10
West Side South - Thursday, October 10

Willow Creek North - Thursday, October 17
City Park - Thursday, October 17
Prescott Park - Thursday, October 17
Woodland - Thursday, October 17
Mt Hope - Thursday, October 17
Caruthers - Thursday, October 17
Kensington - Thursday, October 17
Klamm Park - Thursday, October 17
Santa Fe - Thursday, October 17
County 5 - Thursday, October 17
Center City - Thursday, October 17
Wendell Phillips - Thursday, October 17

Mount Cleveland - Thursday, October 24
Tri-Blenheim - Thursday, October 24
Citadel - Thursday, October 24
Key Coalition North - Thursday, October 24
Indian Mound West - Thursday, October 24
Budd Park - Thursday, October 24
South Town Fork Crk - Thursday, October 24
Splitlog Park - Thursday, October 24
Memorial Park - Thursday, October 24
Key Coalition South - Thursday, October 24
Lincoln Prep - Thursday, October 24
Parkview - Thursday, October 24

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rolling into Roeland Park, Kan.

The Roeland Park City Council just voted to bring Google Fiber to their citizens. While we don’t have an ETA for when we’ll be able to start installations (we still have to plan our network and then build it), we’re thrilled to be coming to Roeland Park in the future. If you live in Roeland Park, you can enter your address on our site, then sign up for email updates.

View Kansas City Areas Eligible for Google Fiber in a larger map